Monday, 19 December 2011

Your Christmas Card 2011

Thank you for following this blog in 2011

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Nature Diary December 2011


The first semblance of winter has been a drop in temperature to single figures, but the prevailing wind that has been blowing for the last couple of weeks is a more decisive issue in feeling the cold. In the depth of the woods however, one is largely insulated from this effect and a lovely sunny spell this morning and through lunchtime was a tonic. The bird feeder is doing its job with a small group of great and blue titmice buzzing back and forth to feed on the black sunflower seeds. The delight of the day was undoubtedly the dozen strong group of long tailed tits foraging for food on the bare branch twigs a few feet above my head. The black spot, was clearing up dog shit bags that had been thrown high into the blackthorn bushes by the swing gate to the Rookery. I can understand the trash strewn by the students walking to the car park, they are too stupid to care about Nature, but flinging bags of shit into the bushes - incomprehensible.


A slight diversion, but wildlife of a sort.


The last day of the year, temperatures mild, wild birds modestly active at the feeders. The hide is now installed and camouflaged, a nice variety of birds are visiting. All that is needed now is some nice pictures.